Info re using footnotes in table if applicable


Author: Kathryn Greenhill Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 3:03:49 PM WST Subject: Another sample table for A3

Hi, this is from the discussion board, not sure if you’ve all seen it, this was what I mentioned in the hangout the other day. Wasn’t sure if anyone did use any out-side sources?

The Unit Outline mentions that I will upload a sample table showing how your may use footnotes in the table for Appendix A. APA6 does not allow footnotes, but for clarity I am OK if you follow the layout of the footnotes and citations at the bottom of the table as shown in the image below and then have the full references in the main Reference List. You should label the table in APA6 style as shown.
The shading and layout of the table is not mandatory, nor are you expected to use APA6 layout for the table iteself. As the written in the instructions: “It is up to you how you present the data in the table, as long as you have a cell that describes each criterion for each device and it is easy for the reader to independently compare the information.”.